The questions everyone’s asking

So many reasons, but for now we’ll stick to three…

1. Period peace of mind.
Our pads are super-absorbent and secure, so you can be confident they’re taking care of business. So whether you’re chairing a meeting or binging on box sets – you can rule out panic-dashes to the loo. Plus, our re-usable pads contain zero harmful chemicals or single-use plastic.

2. It’s the power the save the planet. In your pants.
If we’re going to protect our planet for future generations, we’re going to have to live more sustainably. Our Wear ’em Out pads can manage your period not just once, but again and again. Helping you take a giant leap toward cutting your personal contribution to landfill.

3. You’ll be quids-in.
The average menstruating person uses 22 disposable sanitary items per period. And that all adds up. Why not save your cash for something more exciting?

When you’re ready to change your pad give it a rinse in cold water to minimise staining and to remove excess blood, you can then set it aside for cleaning

To clean your pads you can throw them in with the rest of your laundry (up to 40oC). Your usual detergent will be fine, but don’t use fabric softener, as this will affect the pads absorbency.

Alternatively you can hand-wash your pads, wash and wear, cuts down on water, electric and the number of pads you’d need (we wash ours in the shower with us #ecohack)
Give your pad some love when wet, a quick stretch and reshape, be aware that some very slight shrinkage may natrually occur after the first wash
We recommend you air dry your pads, no direct heat as this may cause excessive shrinkage (i.e no radiators/tumble dryers)
When all freshened up, store your pads flat to help pad maintain their shape

This is really personal to the individual, it depends on how heavy your flow is and how long your period lasts, but we reckon to get up to 4 years wear in them our pick and mix Bumper Pack should cover your full cycle for many years to come. If you’d like to talk to use more to get help selecting your pads then drop us an email [email protected]

The materials we’ve chosen are naturally super absorbent, and our double-binding edges form a powerful seal that locks in moisture. But, just like normal pads, you’ll need to change your Wear ‘em Out pads to avoid leaks. How frequently you need to change them will depend on how heavy your flow is. After a few days of using the pads, you’ll soon have the measure of things.

It’s quick and easy to change your pad while on the go.

We have created a carry pouch that will slip seamlessly into your bag, and that won’t sound a klaxon when you take it out to pop to the loo

The pouch has 2 individual sections, one side labelled ‘clean me’ and the other labelled ‘wear me’, it does what it says on the tin, it has a zip across the top and poppers on the side making a secure seal and a size reducing option, it’s made of a washable, waterproof fabric so can stand up to the job it’s been created for and be thrown in your machine for a freshen up

The pouch is available as an individual option to buy, and as a freebie when you invest in one of our combination packs

Our pads fold into tiny squares, and poppers hold them closed. You can then tuck the folded-down pads in the ‘used’ section of the Wear ‘em Out wash bag. The bag is small and discreet, and will fit easily into most handbags.

Watch the video to see how it’s done.

Yes! Our daily freshness liners are the perfect solution for bladder leaks. They’ll keep you fresh, save you money, and are tonnes better for the environment. Plus, they don’t contain any single-use plastics or harsh chemicals that are found in lots of disposable pads. Much healthier for your bits and pieces and our planet.

Yes! Our Mega Mega pads would be best for this, as they have the highest absorbency. Be aware, though – as your post-childbirth flow may be heavier than your usual periods, you might have to change the pads more frequently. We’d recommend getting a good stock in.

P.S – congratulations, mama!

This will depend on how frequently you use them. For example, if you buy 12 pads and use them in rotation, they’ll probably last longer than if you buy 6. If you buy the Bumper Pack of pick and mix 12 pads, and follow our care advice, they should last up to 4 years.

Tight-fitting briefs are best, as they minimise movement and to keep the pad close to your body.

Our slim line pads are designed to sit close to your body for a comfortable fit on the go. And when it’s time for bed, our slightly thicker mega and mega mega pads give you the powerful absorbency you need for a well-earned rest.

Based on the average woman’s period, making the simple switch to Wear ‘em Out pads could save you 40% compared to the UK’s most popular disposable products.

The learning is all in the asking and we’re here to help. If we haven’t covered your question then drop us an email [email protected]