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Bumper Pack

**Our stocks are running low due to such high demand, and with the current situation, we are aware that factories may at some point shut down – we aim to get all stock out as soon as we have it but please be aware that our next lot of available stock is due in the third week of April, so you are pre-ordering at this point.

12 Pads of any combination – pick your own! 10% off each pad and a free Wear ’em Out Wash Bag included on all Bumper Packs.

Create a personalised period kit that’s in-tune with you. After everyday freshness? Stock up on Mini Flo’s or Medium Flo’s. Struggling with night-time leaks? Grab a stash of Mega Flo’s or if it’s heavy, heavy then a Mega-Mega Flo or two.

Or, if Auntie Flo’s a bit more unpredictable, why not cover your bases with three of each? The choice is up to you.

Sizes: Mini Flo 6.75 cm wide at the middle and 17.5 cm long. Medium Flo 7 cm wide at the middle and 22 cm long. Mega Flo 7 cm wide at the middle and 26 cm long. Mega-Mega Flo 7.5 cm wide at the middle and 29 cm long.

Care Instructions:
When you’re ready to wash your pads, you can throw them in with the rest of your laundry (up to 40°C). Your usual detergent will be fine, but don’t use fabric softener, as this will affect the pads’ absorbency. To dry them, we’d recommend hanging them up to air-dry (direct heat may cause shrinkage).

Mini Flo Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pad
Mini Flo

£7.99 £7.19

Medium Flo Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pad
Medium Flo

£8.99 £8.09

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pad
Mega Flo

£9.99 £8.99

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads
Mega Mega Flo

£10.99 £9.89

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1 review for Bumper Pack

  1. LouiseThanks Martin (verified owner)

    My mum bought me this pack for my birthday. I’ve always wanted to try reusable pads but put off the investment. But they are worth every penny.
    I have a heavy flow so during the day I wear mega and mega mega at night. In this pack I ordered a couple of medium and mini too. With the mega, I can’t even feel I’m wearing a pad, there’s no smell and I feel very secure. The poppers at the bottom are perfect. The mega mega pads are a bit thicker and longer which is what I want for night times.
    Disposables have always irritated me and I felt bad for that environment. I am a convert. Lauren has created a genius product.

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